Mission Statement

The purpose of The Writing Asylum is to share the writing knowledge I have accumulated over the years. The project is birthed out of a promise to my real life writing group. They think I am some kind of writing know-it-all come guru haha. There is truth to their logic, I have university qualifications on the subject and dive into writing topics online every other day. There is always something new to learn, the well doesn’t have a bottom.

Input from the group revealed they wanted a solid writing resource that felt light-hearted and honest with personal examples. There are many fantastic blogs for writers but typically they are professional, text book quality. It can be intimidating, especially for beginners. Besides, while I could write to reflect my education, but I think after a handful of articles it would be as boring as bat shit. Instead, you get me. Which of us is more scared? Can’t say…

Bare with me while I find my voice and develop a rhythm for this blog. I post weekly flash fiction at tannille.com – hint, hint.

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