Oh I just love these introductions

TANNILLE: Hello my name is Tannille and I’m a writer-holic….

MUSE: Oh wow, that’s so lame. You’re meant to be cleaver not –

TANNILLE: Ok smart-arse you do better.

MUSE: Hmm what about the writing qualifications you call toilet paper?

TANNILLE: Which ones? The BA in creative writing, the BA in psychology, MA in script writing? Or the countless number of writing workshops? They all served their purpose in the big picture.

MUSE: But the best learning is doing? Playing and tinkering.

TANNILLE: Yes, writing groups are fantastic. I’ve been facilitating them for the better part of 10 years.

MUSE: And The Writing Asylum is where you’re going to offer your handouts and notes, ‘n’ what not?

TANNILLE: Why not, they just sit on the hard drive once the group session is over? Besides there is a pandemic going on… That reminds me, we really should pump out another novel, one to publish this time. It’s getting embarrassing…

MUSE: Working on it… Hey is this the tone you’re wanting for The Writing Asylum? They love our flash fiction over at

TANNILLE: Not sure, anyone reading this might confuse The Writing Asylum for a mental asylum.

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