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Writing Rituals

Rituals, every writer has them. They vary from writer to writer, from writing at a certain time every day to creating an atmosphere, or meditating to prime the brain. Rituals become a part of our writing process. My last post focused on the psychological hacks I discovered to get my head back in the game…

Psychological Hacks for Writers

Four psychological hacks for writers when The Muse refuses to play. In other words, how to be more productive as a writer. Or how to tame The Muse. In my experience the answer is a mixture of motivation, focus, prioritising, and pacing. There are a limitless number of writing exercises to help bring out creativity but…

Should I Terminate My Blog?

Should I Terminate My Blog? It feels like a virtual reality padded cell in here… Should I save my time and sanity by quitting? There are never enough hours left in the day to do everything I want to do. And what about the novel? Welcome to Tannille’s honest review regarding her blogs. Remember to…

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