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Story Basics 101: What Story Isn’t

Contents IntroductionVignettesJournals/Diaries/Letters/DocumentsDescriptionsTimeline of EventsConclusionExercise Introduction For a decade, I have facilitated local writing groups. I’ve read and heard a lot of “stories” over the years. Most people know on some level what a story is but can’t identify what story… Read More ›

Character Sheets: Q & A

Recently, a member of my writers’ group asked me for my thoughts on character sheets. In response, I have created this little Q and A.  What is a character sheet?What does a character sheet include?Where can templates be found?Is it… Read More ›

Slang Words and Creative Writing

Target Audience: beginner and intermediate creative writers Content Question The Short Answer Why Use Slang? Writing for a General Audience Writing for a Niche Audience Final Note Question I’ve been thinking about slang words, colloquialisms, & ambiguous words. When does… Read More ›