Writer’s Block: Character Playlists

Somehow, I landed on another writing hiatus. Thanks life, much appreciated. The clouds of life eventually cleared and the will to be creative returned. However, The Muse did not. She didn’t get the memo. Revisiting the story world… cold. Re-reading notes or last written prose was nothing more than words on a page. I employed… Read More ›

Hyphens, En Dash, Em Dash — Oh My!

Hyphen, en dash and em dash — oh my! I mentioned these to my writing group over the weekend and was surprised no one was the full bottle. I shouldn’t have been surprised because I only investigated dashes a couple of years ago and chalked my ignorance up to gaps in my public schooling. Admittedly,… Read More ›

Writer Collaborations: The Tears, The Joy

Lately, opportunities to work as a writer on collaborative stories have popped up. My initial reaction was hesitant. I’ve worked as a screenwriter and have seen my scripts come to life. An amazing opportunity, no argument. Some projects were a blast and became a bonding experience with the people involved. Working with compatible people is… Read More ›

Story Basics 101: Show Don’t Tell

The golden writing rule ‘show, don’t tell’ is etched in every writer’s mind, and if you’re new to the wonderful world of writing, it will become ingrained. Pretty much all of us start out writing as ‘telling’ stories rather than ‘showing’ stories. After all, it’s how we communicate in person with our conversations. From a… Read More ›

When to Recast Your Characters

The Silent Character  The muse has thrown an awesome plot your way. You both get excited. The plot dictates the character. Like people, their life experiences (aka the plot) shape their personalities. However, every so often a character doesn’t “speak” even though they are the star of an awesome plot. These silent characters are the… Read More ›

How to Name Characters

Naming characters can be a breeze or it can make you want to rip your hair out. The perfect name may come naturally, or it’s something to work on. A name can make or break a character and maybe even a book. Read on for naming tips. WHERE TO FIND NAMES? Random Name Generator Stuck… Read More ›

Pen Names: Yay or Nay?

The dilemma “to pen name or not” drove me mad for years. Names are a part of our identity. Choosing a pen name is a serious business, literally. As writers, our names are marketed and, dare I say with the rise of social media, packaged. Some writers choose to keep their real-life names and others… Read More ›

Story Basics 101: Passive Writing vs Active Writing

Introduction Often I read stories written by aspiring writers — the plot is great, characters are relatable, the message is powerful… but the narration is weak. Passive writing strikes again. The notion of active writing vs passive writing is a challenge when both passive and active writing are technically correct, with no grammar crime committed…. Read More ›

Real-Life Writing Group Moves To Zoom

Thanks to our dear friend COVID, the other week my real-life writing group made the switch to Zoom. Lucky for us, I used my psychic powers and foresaw the nasty coming like a train crash in slomo. For the first (and maybe only) in-person session for 2022, I arranged for the writers to bring their… Read More ›


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